Frequently asked questions

I want to ask from where will the free shuttle service circulate?

  • The free shuttle service will circulate from 6 am from the two parking lots which will be prepared for cars and buses, and also from the rail station straight to the TJ Lokomotíva stadium.

Is there a possibility of a direct arriving to the stadium with already booked bus?

  • No, this is not possible while you are able to arrive only to the already prepared parking lots. From the parking lots there will be opportunity to use the free shuttle service.

If we need more seat tickets on the stadium can we still report it?

  • The number of seats on the stadium is limited, therefore we need to cut the number of seat tickets for each parish even though people from the parishes have the seat tickets reported. In this condition, we want to ask you, mainly those who will distribute these tickets in different parishes, to distribute the seat tickets for those who need it the most.

We are interested in the offer of an accommodation. Where should we register?

  • The information about the accommodation from Friday till Saturday will be affordable if you write us an email on the address: The accommodation will be offered by families or schools.

When will be the stadium opened? How long will it take to arrive to the stadium from the parking lot?

  • The stadium on which the celebration of beatification will be held will be opened from 6 am. Therefore we want to ask you to come to Košice at 9 am at the latest. It is because you need to take a free shuttle service from the parking lots which will be situated next to HyperTesco, Optima and OBI and it takes a while to come to the stadium.

How can we spiritually prepare for the celebration of the beatification?

  • You can prepare yourself by the prayer of novena which lasts nine days before the beatification. Novena is disclosed on the website or you can join us on TV Lux channel on which the novena will be presented.

What about families with baby carriages?

  • In this case, please take the seats on the grassy area on the stadium because the tribunes will not be accessible for you. You can bring with yourself folding chair, sleeping pad or other needed stuff. The entrance to different sectors will be free without the seat ticket.

Will you send more information for people who are already registered? For instance: about transportation, parking and tickets?

All information, including the stadium map, parking cards for buses and seat tickets will be sent to you in the mid August by post to the address you entered in the sign-up form. Please, follow our website: and Facebook profile: Anna Kolesárová, mučeníčka čistoty, so that you will not miss any information we will gradually publish.

Till when does the registration for the beatification go on?

  • Registration goes on till 31 July via registration form independently:
  1. for parishes / communities / organized groups
  2. for priests
  3. for religious communities
  4. for volunteers

Why do we need to register? If we do not do this we cannot come?

  • The registration is needed due to better organization. Therefore we need to know an approximate number of people, the number of buses because of parking. Thanks to the registration you have an opportunity to have the place for sitting in the different sectors. Of course, you do not need to register if you want to come but it would really help us to organize people and make perfect atmosphere for everybody.

Is there an opportunity to register as a family?

  • Please, inform the priest or other responsible person in your parish who can later perform the mutual registration for the parish, community or the bigger organized group. In the case that there is no mutual registration in your parish, we recommend you to join other families and make an organized group with one responsible person who can later register you.

Do you offer an accommodation for those who will come from western Slovakia or other cities/states far away from Košice?

  • For those who are interested there will be available approximately 900 places in schools during the night from Friday till Saturday. There is the need of bringing an sleeping bag and sleeping pad. We have also asked different Košice´s parishes and their families for providing an accommodation. In the case you are interested, please, contact us on email address:

I have caught the information about the special train which will go from Bratislava to Košice. Where and when will it stop? 

What was the way of the distribution of the promotional materials? We have not received any.

  • The promotional materials – posters, small folder with the short biography and program about beatification and pictures with the future blessed with the prayer were distributed across the whole country from Archnishop´s office in Košice. It was sent in box into each diocese and its dean´s office. In the case you have not received any, please, ask your priest or you can pick it up during different events in summer (Levoča, Gaboltov, Stropkov, Veľký Šariš, National meeting of young people in Prešov – P18). In the case you are interested in sending these materials write us an email:

I belong to the group of disabled people. Will there be a barrier-free accsess? 

  • For the disabled people on a wheelchair with the ŤZP (hardly disabled) license and their accompanying person there will be the special zone in the stadium area with the entrance from the Kavečianska cesta.

What about parking?

  • There will be two big parking lots for buses and cars. For participants coming from Rožňava (south) it will be the parking lot next to OC Optima. For participants coming from Prešov (north) it will be the parking lot next to Hypertesco with total capacity 2 000 places. From both parking lots as well as from the rail station there will be free shuttle service circulating from 6 am.

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