Rather death than sin

These words from the tombstone of God´s servant Anna Kolesárová are just brief characteristic of the event which happened at the end of the second world war in Vysoká nad Uhom. Anna´s testimony attracts thousands of pilgrims. Young people and families draw on the stream of pure love there to be refreshed and strengthen in their life.

After the downfall of totalitarien regime of communism, people again began to talk about a heroic death of Anna Kolesárová. When the students from Košice learnt about her (in 1999), they started to come here for pilgrimages and spiritual retreats led by priests. And so, regular meetings for youth called Pilgrimages of Joy arose. The number of participants has been increasing, and it has found a wide response in public.

Nowadays, annually more than four thousands people come to the tomb of the Gods servant Anka Kolesárová for a few-days meeting. Number of them experience conversions, healing from their wounds, and a new relationship with God.

Plenty of sincere confessions are a prove of the fact that young people desire to live fully with God. Also, people who are seeking, or even those not baptised come to this place. At this place they pray for a personal vocation, good marriages, and healthy families.

A spiritual retreat is held in the House, the premises that were built self-supportingly by the young for the young. Sometimes the young express that their dream has come true. They have always been longing for a place where they can be themselves, where nobody will reject them, where they are heard out, where they can share their feelings and find real friends, where they do not have to be ashamed for their tears and dreams about pure love.

Young people longfor a pure joy. I tis enough for them to discover it in their pure and reprieved hearts. Youth is the time when real friends are being sought. Disappointed by many relationships and a commercially founded society, a young man longs to find somebody who he can believe and confide to.

One story changes the stories of many

„For the first time in my life I was at Holy Mass on this place. When God through a priest spoke out to my soul, he outshone my soul, and I could not fall asleep. I prayed for the first time. I experienced testimonies of others and the adoration. Here I decided for a pure heart and for a new life.“ (Peter)

„A pilgrimage to Vysoká nad Uhom does not quit to attract the young. Namely every participant feels to be unique and accepted, rooted in a cluster and a community. Though, in the heart of these remarkable undertakings, there is a lone story of Anka Kolesárová – simple, inconspicuous, and unobtrusive.“ (bishop Marek Forgáč)

„Exactly on the one of the Pilgrimages of Joy I conceived that our Lord wants to keep all of me for Himself. Now I have a grace to wear a monastic habit. I thank for the time I spent on pilgrimages, and for Anka – her great example and, as I also believe, for help.“ (sr. Zdenka)

„This place is a massive spring of joy.“ (fr. Peter Sepeši)

„In one moment I deeply felt how Father loved his child, and in his embrace he fulfilled the empty well in m heart. His embrace is a fullness of love.“ (Mária)

„I pray for the gift of chastity every day, because I understood that i tis the most beautiful gift for my marriage.  I want to retain it for my future beloved husband who I am already praying for.“ (Nika)

The House is breathing by the sacrifice of those who were repairing and building it for years. Specially this creates the atmosphere of home and acceptance, i tis real house of the young.

„House of Anka Kolesárová is the place which offers an experience of a community of the young longing for true love.“ (Lenka)

„I plucked up my courage and power, and after ten years at least, I went to a confession. At that moment, everything changed. I started to live for others. In the House I found friends, the sense of life, tranquillity, silent solitude, and I discovered the way leading to humbleness. I had never experienced such piece and understanding before.“ (Tomáš)

„It is a place of acceptance, building relationships, experiencing of belief, reflection, and a change of life.“ (fr. Andrej)

„I am grateful to Anka who gives me the pilgrimages, the House, and new experience of my belief.“ (Martin)

„Pleasure is what I feel when the pilgrimage starts, and I can see many young people. I also feel it when I come to the House and a Holy Mass is being celebrated.“ (Martin)

„The House is a splendid place on which a life is flourishing. At every return to the House I have a feeling like I was coming back home. I wish to all the young who come here to have experience of this magnificent feeling of home.“ (Marek)