The stories written by God end in a happy ending. I know one of them.

It may have happened in this way, maybe a little differently, but the sacrifice of love and purity present in this story is solid and indisputable as the stone that stands over her grave today.

According to the registry notes - hostia sanctae castitatis (the sacrifice of the holy purity) - it can be said that it was the sacrifice of a girl who knew what was right. The image of the village, similar to this behind my windows, revives in my mind.  There are four girls running down the road. The plaits reach almost their waist. Anka has a dandelion wreath on her head, she holds another one carefully in her hand - for the Virgin Mary. The Heavenly Mother knows them all very well. They walk to her, singing songs – the songs of carefree children.

When 10-year-old Anka loses her  mom, she finds her strength in God. Sill children's  hands learn to cook, wash, clean. The household under her control is never lonely. Her friends, loyal companions, neighbors  and even aunts living close to her  come and help her. Anka gets along with everyone. Her serious face softens in a beautiful smile when she invites her friends to a cake, whereas she tingles  if it tastes good.

And plaits grow like mad. Summers  are passing by splashing in the river  and winter days  by songs and jokes in the kitchen  of  Kolesár family. Anka can already cook almost everything, now she is a young lady. More often we can see her  standing at the well and drawing water, to wash the potatoes or  to water  the animals. She also sips. We can see her  at the stove and also among the girls on their  pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary to Klokočov. She carries a wreath made of  the modest dandelions again. Simple beauty accompanies her during  her pure life. The pulse of the village life - simple, but joyful -  is interrupted by the burden of the war.